Empowering Others To Only Believe What GOD Says About Them

"I was afraid to travel my path of life, I let my dreams die,
and I 
allowed my destiny to be aborted.
I didn't put forth the effort to make it happen because I didn't believe it was possible,
because I didn't believe what GOD said about me."   

This doesn't have to be your story!


It's Black or White...Only YOU Can Choose

You Can Transform Your Mind to...


Ungodly mindsets rob us daily and many are not even aware of it. We speak/prophesy destructive statements and words over ourselves that rob us of joy, fulfillment and success. For example, for years I spoke over myself that I hate exercise. Because I spoke this over myself and believed it, I have been robbed of doing things I enjoy like playing sports. This belief has given me permission to not take care of myself physically. Clearly I've been duped.

My passion is to help others identify the lies and faulty core mindsets that keep them from living their dreams and fulfilling their destinies. The Bible tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. It is possible to transform your mind to only believe. It starts with understanding that what you believe is your choice and that most choices are black or white. Here's is an example of a black or white choice:

Only Believe - that life can be great, that people are valuable, that the impossible is possible with God, and that you really can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


Only Doubt - always be skeptical and waiting for the other shoe to drop, have a mindset that the good things in life will never happen to you.

I have created a tool to help you transform your mind. It is a Life Success Kit and is made up of three parts.

1. Pick ONE cards - I have provided 31 cards, one for each day of the month. As you begin your day you will pick a card, read both sides of the card and then YOU determine what mindset/character quality you want to establish in your life. Meditate on this mindset throughout the day challenging yourself to only speak and believe the mindset of your choice. It is helpful to have an accountability partner to help you walk in this change.

2. Affirmation Flip Chart - I have created a flip chart that is designed to be used daily for 31 consecutive days. The concept is to cancel out the ungodly things you have spoken over yourself and replace them with life giving prophetic statements that will assist you in fulfilling your goals, dreams and destiny.

3. Sow and Reap Journal - The Lord put it on my heart that in order to really be successful in life we need to understand the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. This Biblical concept has so much to do with trusting the One True God. This journal is created with a format to help you record what you have sown and what you have reaped. Recording this gives evidence of how faithful God is in fulfilling His promise to open the heavens and pour out such a blessing that we cannot contain it if we will just trust Him.

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