Paula Shaughnessy

About Me


To see the Body of Christ

  • Change the world by walking in the fullness of the finished work of the Cross.
  • Receive a revelation that the Blessing of Abraham is for all believers; and
  • Live the abundant life that Jesus Christ died for us to live - a life of spiritual, emotional, financial, relational, and physical overflow. 


To empower others to only believe that they can experience more in every area of life. We do this through creating tools that help identify faulty core beliefs that prevent individuals from reaching goals, living dreams, fulfilling destinies, and believing that they can have a great life. In addition, we introduce individuals to a way to take responsibility for their own life. 


Paula Shaughnessy is an author, entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, and a leader with a gift for teaching. She is passionate about equipping others to believe they can live the abundant life that Jesus spoke of in John 10:10.  With practical application tools, she empowers others to believe that they can experience more in all areas of life. 

Paula encounters many that want to experience more and be financially successful but they simply settle for less. They believe and speak over themselves words like, "I Can't". They believe it is for others but not for them. They don't understand that God desires to prosper His people. She is on a mission to change these heartbreaking, negative, and dream-stealing mindsets.


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